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Kate Bernal wearing navy blue suit
Kate Bernal

Ready to travel the world, pursue your passions, and achieve financial freedom? Kate Bernal helps you ditch the confusion and take control of your money, so you can achieve the freedom to do what you love. Zero Fluff. Zero BS. No Math Genius Required.

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I’m Kate Bernal. I help childfree professionals unlock their path to financial freedom, so they can do what they love: travel the world and pursue their passions.

Kate Bernal wearing navy blue suit
Kate Bernal

What people are saying…

“I can’t imagine being happy without the freedom to do whatever I want” – Alice

Next year, my partner and I are traveling to Europe. The perks of mastering your money to build the life you want.” – Chris

“Living our dream life filled with kayaking, hiking, and capturing beautiful moments through photography! Mastering our money game has been the key to making these passions a reality. It’s not just about the adventures, but also about the journey to financial freedom that makes every moment sweeter. Grateful for the lessons learned and excited for more adventures ahead!” – Emma & Alex

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